Henri Michaux | Works

On the occasion of Zurich Art | March 5-7 we are proud to present a survey of the work of the artist and poet Henri Michaux (1899-1984). One of the rare talents who was able to produce both a significant and independent written and visual oeuvre, Michaux relentlessly pursued new ways to access hitherto unknown experiences, including his extensive experiments with the psychedelic substance mescaline. The resulting oeuvre shows a vigorous rejection of any school, prevalent style or convention, and is a testament to the artist’s demanding approach to his own existence. 
Due to the generous support of the Archive Henri Michaux we are able to show a wide spectrum of Michaux’s ever evolving work, beginning with the Mouvements ink drawings of the early 1950s, the gouache and acrylic works of the 1960s and 70s, to the intimate late oil paintings that the artist produced until the end of his life. 

Read the exhibition text by Dieter Schwarz here.