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Joachim Elzmann's new paintings and sculptures consist of everyday objects, strings, nails, cardboard, wire or coffee grounds. The resulting works are reminiscent of towers, houses and architectural superstructures. For this exhibition the artist juxtaposes these objects with photographs. In the medium of photography, Elzmann shows a fragmentary panorama of the city, for example in water reflections, the tip of a crane, the shadow of a lattice, or an architectural detail. 

Although both groups of works were created independently of each other, vertical and horizontal arrangements, curvatures, crossings and superimpositions appear repeatedly in both groups. They are mental pre-images that materialize as a "tower" or a "mirror image" or in the juxtaposition of nature and culture. These pre-images stand at the beginning of Elzmann’s artistic creation, which is always permeated by chance, a determining factor in the selection of motifs, materials and the juxtaposition of works. 

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