Maria Brunner – Portraits: the exaggerated and the idiots, Rembrandt laughing

Maria Brunner composes her images like collages from various photographic templates and in the process avails herself of the classic painting techniques. Her pictures bear titles such as Beulenporträt (bump portrait) and Ich ist ein Anderer (I is another), Liquid Palisander or put your eyes in your mouth. Elements, appearing to have been assembled arbitrarily, metallically shimmering candy wrappers, a woman's made-up eyes, mirroring glass balls, she arranges into fictitious realities. Conventional perspectives are left behind.


Maria Brunner, born 1962 in Lienz, Osttirol, lives and works in Berlin. 1980–1985 University of Applied Arts Vienna. Since 1987 international exhibitions, i.a. 2010 Tiroler Landesmuseum Ferdinandeum, 2005 BAWAG Foundation Vienna, 2004 Lombard-Freid Fine Arts New York, Maximilianmuseum Augsburg, Cook Fine Art New York, 2003 Kjubh Kunstverein Cologne, 1997 Gallery David Zwirner New York, Academy of Arts Berlin, August Sander Archive Cologne, Kunstverein in Hamburg.
Solo shows 2020 KATHEDRaLe Gallery Gisela Capitain Cologne, 2017 General Rouge Gallery Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman Vienna, 2014 Gallery Gisela Capitain Cologne, 2013 Klar Schilf zum Geflecht Gallery Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman Vienna, 2012 Der Himmel hatte Fieber Kunstverein Offenburg-Mittelbaden (with Florin Kompatscher), 2011 Gallery Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman Innsbruck, 2010 I’m glad I’m not me Kunst Forum Rottweil, 2009 Gallery Gisela Capitain Cologne, 2008 Auf den Knien meines Herzens Kunstverein Heilbronn, 1999 Galerie im Taxispalais Innsbruck.