Ab- und Zusagen

Even gallerists think. Actually, always. Especially intense in times like these. Not only from time to time. After all, it’s not enough to act intuitively, to find creative forms of presentation, to motivate artists, to ensure that collectors and art connoisseurs are content. It is also not enough to plan exhibitions, to organize diligently, to work hard, to talk a lot, to realize one' s passion for the gallery and to sell paintings. The gallerist must also think, have foresight, and perceive future possibilities in the present moment. A given situation may change, sometimes gradually, at other times abruptly. And occasionally the unforeseen overrides all plans. From time to time, confirmations are followed by cancellations…

Images were supposed to go on journeys. New works by Tammam Azzam, Farshad Farzankia, Nick Dawes, Hiba Al-Ansari, Rusudan Khizanishvili, Stéphane Couturier, Hubertus Hamm and Vera Pagava. From Berlin to Art Dubai, Paris Photo New York to Frieze New York. 
Shutdown. Lockdown. Confirmations. Cancellations. 

That might happen from time to time, the gallerist thinks. Occasionally an artist or a collector might cancel, thinks the gallerist. This time, however, it's a collective, worldwide cancellation. And he tries to understand current events, just as the friends of art seek to read and interpret images. And the gallerist thinks. Cancel? Confirm? He thinks: These extraordinary times offer us the opportunity to pause momentarily, to reflect on what really matters, to feel what is taking place and to become aware of the consequences. At least from time to time.

And so, the gallerist thinks, the new works should also be allowed to rest. Not in the desert state or megacities, but springtime Berlin. In our project space 68projects, in Fasanenstraße 68 in Berlin-Charlottenburg. Works that want to spread the artists' vitality, radiate the power of colour composition, inhale and exhale the scent of hope, revive the spirit of confidence. So that the friends of the gallery may occasionally say: It is good. It is a good thing that the gallerist thinks. And that he confirms when others cancel. Not just from time to time.