Expo Chicago OVR

Galerie Kornfeld proudly presents a group of five unique artists at EXPO Chicago, all of them highlighting diversity of the gallery’s program. 

Presented works open up areas of tension and dialogue between mediums of photography and painting, where abstraction and materiality investigate formal distortions of reality. Stephane Couturier, Nick Dawes and Tammam Azzam reference public spaces, metaphorically transporting architectural and industrial elements into their works. Simultaneously, Georgian figurative artist Rusudan Khizanishvili uses metaphoric language of archetypes and idiosyncratic geometry to examine various cultural identities.
Artist Christopher Lehmpfuhl presents recently created watercolours with motifs of the Chicago cityscape and architecture. In its entirety this presentation pushes the discussion of formality one step further, instead raising questions about the relationship between environment and human beings, from perspectives of socium and individuum.