Sebastian Jung

Sebastian Jung, born 1987 in Jena, lives and works in Leipzig. 2013 graduated in art and design with a design diploma from Bauhaus University Weimar. Scholarship from the Stiftung Kunstfonds 2018 and the Free State of Thuringia 2017. Exhibitions at the Neuer Kunstverein Wuppertal, the Galerie Waidspeicher of the Kunstmuseen Erfurt, the NS-Dokumentationszentrum Munich and the Kunsthaus Gera, among others. Publication participation in, among others, "Whats up Abendland", Magazine for Permanent Enlightenment (Imaginata Jena) and "Ost*Deutsch/Now. Betrachtung zu Ostdeutschland aus Kunst, Theorie und Praxis" (Kerber-Verlag).

„Demonstationsversuch gegen die Coronamaßnahmen (21.11.2020)“

Serie of 103 paintings, Graphite on paper, 21 x 14,8 cm, 2020

Sebastian Jung draws people in public places. Often crowds of people who have gathered for demonstrations.  With quick strokes he sketches figures and constellations of figures and essentially also the expression that the people show mimically or gesturally. A television journalist smiles, a poster bearer clenches his fist in a bull-necked manner, a number of people wave their arms wildly behind a barrier. The cause of the demonstration is often recognizable, for instance when posters are legible. However, in Jung's work, the focus is precisely on the similarity that any form of demonstration has. The body on the street as an expression of political will is documented here without prejudice. The demonstration is made visible as a phenomenon of a communal and public expression as a plural body language.