KÖNIG GALERIE is pleased to announce TRANCELUCENSE, a show of new paintings by Berlin-based artist Martin Eder. The exhibition will be held at KÖNIG TOKIO.  In this new exhibition TRANCELUCENSE Martin Eder explores the invisibility of dreams. The word game TRANCELUCENSE means for Martin Eder either disappearing or merging into a bodyless reality such as in dreams or in digital virtual worlds. In a series of portraits of sleeping or daydreaming people Eder plays with the translucence of our models of reality, virtual or analogue.  Martin Eder, also trained as a hypnotist, finds his realms of poetic avatars, as known from fantasy comics and movies, as well as in fake-history series like Game of Thrones and in the virtual parallel universes of gaming and Cos-Play. He is questioning the thin fabric of which our history and contemporary realities are constructed, be it either analogue or digital. We are in a permanent state of hypnosis, „Permanosis“, as Eder calls it.

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