Art Cologne 2020 | OVR

In her photographs Annette Kelm deals with a dark period of the German past. The works show book covers of works that fell victim to the Nazi book burnings in 1933. Among them are world-famous authors like Kurt Tucholsky and Stefan Zweig. The cover design also bears witness to the avant-garde ideas of art and design. In contrast, Alicja Kwade's series "CC In-Between" has a strong reference to the present. Her examination of time and its perception refers here specifically to the unprecedented situation during the current COVID 19 pandemic. I relation to that, Jeppe Heins neon box with the inscription "I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES" appeals to optimism in these difficult times during the pandemic. Since the 1970s, Peter Dreher also continuously dealt with the topic of time and perception in his series "Tag um Tag guter Tag" (Day by day a good day). The paintings always show the same motif of a water glass, which testifies to the progress of time by only small changes in the light conditions and shades of the glass. There are new works by Anselm Reyle that reflect his characteristic use of found materials such as neon tubes and cables. He also transfers this to his vases, which he covers with a metallic glaze so that they fit seamlessly into his oeuvre. Claudia Comte's sculptural works clearly show her affinity with natural materials, which she transforms into organic forms. Her work "Turn and Slip 180" is reminiscent of post-war modernism and especially Op Art, but also of Swiss concrete artists such as Max Bill and Camille Graeser. In "State of Being (Album)" Chiharu Shiota weaves photographs into red thread. In keeping with the essence of a photograph, they seem to be frozen in time. A feeling of melancholy is also conveyed by Friedrich Kunath's works through their reference to 19th century painting. Kunath draws allusions to their opulent sunsets as well as Caspar David Friedrich's back figures. Through pop cultural references such as comic figures, Kunath, disrupts the nostalgic indulgence and draws pointed connections to the present.