Austin Eddy | Seeuferweg | Works

We are delighted to present the first solo show in Switzerland by Brooklyn-based painter Austin Eddy at Livie Fine Art Zurich, opening May 27, 2021. Austin Eddy was born 1986 in Boston, MA, and holds a BFA in Painting from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

For his first solo exhibition at Livie Fine Art, the New York painter Austin Eddy presents a walk along the shore. The ten works on display in Seeuferweg were inspired by the landscape in the artist’s native New England—from Maine to upstate New York—as well as his home in Brooklyn, and abroad, in France and Switzerland. But while geographical specificity is key to these works (inspired as they are by America’s homegrown philosophy: transcendentalism) it is also beside the point. Instead of charting a cartography of memory, Eddy paints a course through time.

Read the full exhibition text by Hunter Braithwaite here.