Volker Hüller

Exhibition view Group show Produzentengalerie Hamburg, 2020
Photo: Helge Mundt

The wide spectrum and mastery of Volker Hüller's works are revealed in the smallest details. Neither his paintings nor the etchings follow a single storyline, but depict instead a variety of simultaneous happening scenes, which are reminiscent of absurd and unreal dream worlds. In the interplay of motifs and styles, the composition of space, form, lines, textures, colour and figures weave into paradisiacal landscapes and to an often absurd, fantastic and comical depiction between dream and everyday life. His appreciation for manuscripts, the recourse to the past with referral to and play with historical references, leads to an individual and tense imagery and introduces the viewer to Hüller's alien but at the same time familiar world.

Volker Hüller (*1976) lives and works in Brooklyn, New York (USA). 

He studied with Norbert Schwontkowski (1949-2013) at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg (DE) and graduated in 2008. 

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