Sprach-Bilder | Bild-Sprache

Pivotal tasks of an art gallery are to educate, impart knowledge and foster discussions within the exhibitions displayed. The traditional channel of information exchange is through the written or spoken word. Everyday communication is based on the principle of a common language that unifies a society as such. Through language and communication individuals express themselves and thus manifest their identity and personality. Nevertheless, language does not only unify but also divide. Different languages separate groups of people and little words can have big impact.

In the light of our contemporary time communications and language go beyond the written word and rather finds itself in various forms of expression. This exhibition explores hybrid forms of language, words and letters in visual arts. Through different artistic positions it will be examined how the written word can build a symbiosis with different artistic languages. Language and writing are broken down to their basic principles and thus detached from their original purpose. Consequently, it becomes visible while simultaneously being reluctant. Taking language, words and writings as starting point of the works the artists all translate it into their unique practice, sometimes in a more obvious way, sometimes not visible for the viewer at all.