Corp Real (Real Body)

We are delighted to announce the opening of our new gallery space with the group show “Real Body”, inside Atelierele Malmaison (Malmaison Studios), a new Bucharest venue, a shared space of various artistic initiatives: artists studios, galleries, artist-run, project spaces, etc. 

For our first exhibition in this new gallery space we curated a selection of works by the more mature and established artists from the gallery’s portfolio – Geta Brătescu, Florina Coulin, Paul Neagu and Lia Perjovschi – alongside our most recent program entry, the Romanian artist Ion Grigorescu, with whom the gallery has developed in time a relationship of friendship and collaboration.

The main topic of the exhibition is the body, the physical, real, flesh and blood, breathing, sweating, living human body, this human body that has kept us so concerned about its well-being and health during the past year, these human bodies that we distance and isolate ourselves from. The human body that we tend to neglect and forget about while captive in the digital realm of blue screens, this transient body that longs for real touch and connection.

The exhibition can be visited in Ivan Gallery’s space on Calea Plevnei 137 C, B side, 1st floor, Bucharest, until May 08 2021, by previous appointment only. 

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