Online exhibition curated by Clara Bondis and Jana Savchenko

Today, more than ever, we question our reality and our relationship with the virtual. Based on the idea of escape, this exhibition explores infinite spaces. In a context of today’s restrictive reality, this is an ode to the possibilities and sensations allowed by art.
Essence and existence, imaginary and real, visible and invisible, painting blurs all our categories by deploying its dreamlike universe of carnal essences, of effective resemblances of silent meanings,” concludes Maurice Merleau-Ponty in 1960, during his summer stay in Provence. Based on this observation, we offer you an excursion into the worlds imagined and concretized by our artists.
In this journey, art allows us to discover different dimensions of the imagination and provides us with doors to different perceptions. The works of Miriam Cahn and Santiago de Paoli make accessible these immersive universes, challenging our mental boundaries and inviting us to contemplate. In the same way, Ulrich Polster's illusively static landscapes hypnotize us by transposing us into nearly meditative states.
Inherent to emancipation, the reminder of barriers is present in this project in the form of frameworks, which punctuate these moments of escape. Without constraining or restricting the imagination, these references to the concrete world allow us to situate it. 
The imagination has the power to introduce the unreal to everyday reality.  Postcards refashioned by Marcelle Cahn and urban sites invested with oneiric elements by Isa Melsheimer play with this idea.
The real and the unreal are being constantly enriched by each other.