Gregor Hildebrandt

Gregor Hildebrandt's pictures, objects and installations process analogue data carriers. In this way, minimalist works, room-high steles or picture tableaus are created from deformed vinyl, cassette boxes or tapes glued tightly to canvas, to which a further, invisible dimension is added by the musical history of the materials processed.

Hildebrandt creates clear and, despite the sometimes brittle material, very sensual works with a strong haptic character. His almost obsessive work with physical sound carriers, audio and video tapes, reflects his far-reaching reflections on time, material, gesture and form, i.e. on things that have largely disappeared from everyday life.

Gregor Hildebrandt was born in 1974 in Bad Homburg, studied in Mainz and Berlin and has been Professor of Painting and Graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich since 2015.